Ushuaia and Buenos Aires

It was an early start today as we got up at 6am and left our bags in the corridor outside our cabin before heading to breakfast. It was still dark outside and you could see the lights of Ushuaia as we were just off the shoreline. All was going very well until suddenly all the Read more about Ushuaia and Buenos Aires[…]

Nearly Back to Dry Land

Do not tell people what to do, inspire them to change. The night’s crossing had been turbulent but the seasickness pills and patches had done their job and we slept through most of the night OK. Every so often you were woken up when a particularly big wave rolled the boat and you felt like Read more about Nearly Back to Dry Land[…]

When all you can see is sea.

We had a bit of a lay in this morning as we were going to be waking up to the middle of the Drake Passage so there was to be nothing in particular to see other than sea! I opened my eyes with caution thinking how much is the boat moving? To our pleasant surprise Read more about When all you can see is sea.[…]

Drake’s Passage…again!

We are now well into Drake’s Passage – it continues to go smoothly enough for us as the Captain is heading in a North Westerly direction taking us a little out of our way but missing the large storm that is directly ahead of us. We thank the Captain for his decision – long may Read more about Drake’s Passage…again![…]

Lemaire Channel and the Polar Plunge!

I cannot believe it is a week since we landed in Buenos Aires, the time has flown by. This morning we were greeted by more impressive views as we entered the Lemaire Channel. This strait runs between Booth Island and the Antarctica Peninsula. They were not exaggerating when they said it is one of the Read more about Lemaire Channel and the Polar Plunge![…]

Mikkelsen Harbour and Cierva Cove, Antarctica

Once more I set my alarm for 6am so I could be up on the bridge for the 6.34am sunrise. But alas there was no sunrise this morning and the scenery looked like it had forgotten to put its colour on! Everything was grey or white! However, as the water was so calm it made Read more about Mikkelsen Harbour and Cierva Cove, Antarctica[…]

Brown Bluff, Antarctica

Helen was up early this morning to watch the sunrise from the bridge of the Ocean Endeavour, surrounded by icebergs and stunning colours in the sky, it was a spectacular sight. She was once more on the lookout for whales, and was joined by Jimmy, the boats whale expert just in time to see the Read more about Brown Bluff, Antarctica[…]

Half Moon Island, Antarctica

We have just returned from our first zodiac ride and landing on Antarctica and what an amazing experience it was! ¬†We spent the morning being briefed on all the safety features to do with getting on and off zodiac boats and what we were and were not allowed to do on land. We then all Read more about Half Moon Island, Antarctica[…]

Ushuaia, Argentina

Yesterday Helen and Rebecca took a flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia , the southernmost city in the world, to meet the rest of the 2041 International Antarctic Expedition crew (so far they have met people from Australia, New York and Mexico) and get on their boat. The Ocean Endeavour, which you can see in Read more about Ushuaia, Argentina[…]