Annie of the Antarctic

Your time is precious, our time is precious: We have just twenty-four years to secure the future of Antarctica. Let’s see how we can work together for the preservation of this last grey wilderness…


41017_Lianne_Waterston_01Hi everyone! It’s Miss Annie here, last year when Robert Swan visited Bangkok Patana, I was so inspired by his dedication and passion. His message “The greatest threat to our planet is our belief that someone else will save it.” really instilled in me a need to take action NOW and I decided right then and there that I wanted to be part of the solution.

It was the first time in a long time that I had felt so alive about something after spending months in a wheelchair and on crutches due to breaking my leg badly at a trampoline park. This opportunity felt like a real chance to heal myself and the planet as the challenge of getting my leg strong enough to withstand glacier climbs in Antarctica was a big one!

2t5a6016My passion and dedication have allowed me to be chosen to join British explorer Rob Swan and his team on the 2018 expedition to ANTARCTICA. So, in February, just like Miss Thew and Rebecca did in March, I am flipping my teaching role to become a student again. I am going on a journey south…really far south. In fact, pretty much as far south as it gets.


02 Rebecca and HelenMany of you should know from everything we learnt along with Ms Thew and Rebecca but the treaty that protects Antarctica from development and resource exploitation which keeps it free and open for scientific observation and investigation is due to expire in 2041. If this treaty is not renewed, it will result in a massive increase in human and industrial activity that will destroy the earth’s last natural wilderness, Antarctica.


My role as a Climate Force Ambassador and an integral part of this Antarctic Climate Force expedition is to learn from experts about the history of Antarctica, glaciology, renewable energy and climate science. During the trip, I will gain valuable leadership skills and spend time collaborating with others to develop resources on sustainability education. We will also hear first-hand from Rob and his son Barney on how effective the renewable energies were from the South Pole Energy Challenge that they are currently undertaking. I will then pass these actionable solutions to students and teachers to empower them to take further action to combat climate change. Did you know that you too could be a Climate Force Ambassador? Click here to find out more.

As a Physical Education teacher, one of my goals is to create a set of action games and lesson plans for schools focused on climate change and sustainability. These digital resources will be aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will be available for FREE to educators around the world. Can you imagine the positive impact this will have on our students and our planet?

So, please join me and countless other individuals and organisations around the world who are taking responsibility for the future of Antarctica and for our planet. I hope that my story inspires you to take a small step today or even to support me in getting to Antarctica.

To donate to Annie’s Antarctic journey, click here.

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