Ushuaia and Buenos Aires

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It was an early start today as we got up at 6am and left our bags in the corridor outside our cabin before heading to breakfast. It was still dark outside and you could see the lights of Ushuaia as we were just off the shoreline. All was going very well until suddenly all the lights on the boat went out. We were glad that we were in the dinning room at the time and not stumbling around our cabin in the dark! The emergency lighting system soon kicked in and the engineer team got up work on what had cut out the power. We were all glad that this power cut had happened in the calm waters just off shore and not in the middle of the Drake’s passage! The extra time on the boat gave us chance to get our last walk on deck, appreciate our last views of the snow-capped mountains and watch the birds as they searched out the wind to lift them up.

We left the boat at 11am and then had we had a city tour before heading to the airport for our 12.30pm flight back to Buenos Aires. As we took off, we got a great view over the Andes.

Landing back in Buenos Aires felt like coming full circle. There were many goodbye hugs at the luggage belt as everyone went their separate ways. It is amazing how quickly we had all become one big family. We stayed the night in a hotel close to the airport where the room now seemed enormous compared to our little cabin that had been home for so many days, before starting the mammoth journey back to Bangkok!

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