Drake’s Passage: A Film by Angela Kendall

Trying to imagine what it feels like to be Helen and Rebecca is hard. How does it feel sailing into the unknown? What are your thoughts when you look out from the boat and see nothing but ocean? What are your emotions when you finally, after months of planning, excitement and anxiety, catch your first glimpse of an iceberg? Is it a feeling of elation when you take your first steps off that zodiac onto Antarctica?

These are questions I’m sure have been going through all our of minds as we eagerly await updates and follow Helen and Rebecca’s journey from around the world. I came across this wonderful film from Angela Kendall yesterday and thought it was worth a share. The filmmaker has tried to capture the perceptual experience as one travels through the notorious Drake’s Passage, before finally catching sight of the last untouched continent.

It’s well worth a watch, remember to turn your sound on, the music is beautiful.

Featured image courtesy of Morgan in Antarctica
Camera & Editing by Angela Kendall
Music by Carlos R. Andujar
© 2012. Shot on location in Antarctica aboard the National Geographic Explorer

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