Brown Bluff, Antarctica

Helen was up early this morning to watch the sunrise from the bridge of the Ocean Endeavour, surrounded by icebergs and stunning colours in the sky, it was a spectacular sight. She was once more on the lookout for whales, and was joined by Jimmy, the boats whale expert just in time to see the blow-out of a Humpback Whale!

As the day was beautiful and bright, Rebecca joined Helen and they took some time having some photographs with Robert, who knew all about the incredible efforts of the Bangkok Patana Community!

The first event of the day was to take a cruise on the zodiacs around the icebergs and visit Brown Bluff. Once on land Helen and Rebecca had their photograph taken next to the Antarctica flag, what made this picture even more special was that a relative of Sir Ernest Shackleton took it for them! From their penguin lecture, they were able to identify the penguins at Brown Bluff as Gentoos with one Adelie. An expert with them reiterated what Helen has been telling us all in assemblies that as the temperature of the planet is increasing, the Antarctica Peninsular is also warming up meaning the Adelie penguins are suffering as a consequence of their changing habitat. On their way back to the boat, it was clear that the icebergs are melting from the dripping icicles Helen and Rebecca could see. They also saw a seal watching a group of Gentoo penguins as they sat on some ice!


Later in the day, a call went over the tannoy to head to the starboard deck as a pod of Humpback Whales had been spotted. They passed very close to the ship allowing Helen and Rebecca to get a great view! Not long after the excitement of the Humpbacks, a thrilling event took place as a group of Orca Whales were spotted. The group of five whales were very curious of the boat so came very close to get a good look – it was as if they know that the afternoon lecture was to be about Orcas!

That afternoon, the ship came across a mile long iceberg, which Robert explained had broken off the Larsen shelf and shouldn’t be anywhere near where it now is. His message was that this should not dishearten us but give us the positive energy to keep sharing the climate message and encourage the small steps within our community.


After dinner, the 2041 group watched a documentary about Sir Earnest Shackleton, introduced by his relative on board the boat. A very fitting place to watch the film and a moving end to an incredible day!

Disclaimer: Images from and are a representation of what Rebecca and Helen will be seeing.

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