Drake’s Passage

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Twenty-four hours on the boat so far and the good news is that Drake’s Passage is currently as flat as a mill pond! Helen and Rebecca have had a great first day aboard the Ocean Endeavour, they spent the day attending lectures. They went to four covering:
1. The flying birds that we will see
2. How to get the best out of your camera and take great photos!
3. The flightless birds i.e. Penguins
4. The whales that we will see

After each talk they went out onto deck to see if they could spot any wildlife and have already ticked off:

  • petrel birds
  • albatrosses
  • whales (pilot)

They have been spending lots of time with their 2041 colleagues and Robert Swan, who Helen says is continuing to inspire them all! Helen and Rebecca also ask that you keep your fingers crossed that the journey across the often tumultuous Drake’s Passage continues to be a smooth one, if it does they will most likely make their first landing onto Antarctica tomorrow afternoon!

Disclaimer: Image courtesy of 2041.com and is a representation of what Rebecca and Helen will be seeing.

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