Antarctica Fever

Antarctica fever is really taking over Bangkok Patana, you can’t go far in school without hearing someone mention something South Pole related or bump into a penguin or two! The beauty of being a large school is the opportunity for cross collaboration between Year groups so this week Year 1 have been learning all about Antarctica from the Year 7 students!

As part of their ‘Learning to Learn’ lessons, Year 7 have been putting together incredible learning experiences for some of our youngest students to give them a better understanding of the Bangkok Patana 2041 project and of course the importance of preserving Antarctica. From learning about accommodation on the continent, to transport and of course it’s incredible wildlife, Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed being taught by their older peers and look forward to more collaborative opportunities in the future!

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There’s just days to go but it’s not too late to support Bangkok Patana 2041, please give what you can via our Generosity page here 

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