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The mission of Bangkok Patana 2041 is to educate our community about the plight of Antarctica, Robert Swan’s 2041 foundation and what we can all be doing to prolong the life of the last great wilderness on earth. Helen and Rebecca are taking their responsibility as our representatives very seriously and have spent the last weeks out and about around school getting the message out there.

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Helen inspired Year 6 students with her passionate presentation that tied in perfectly with their new topic of learning, Human Impact. To launch the topic, Year 6 was turned into a landfill site and the students came to school dressed as animals to experience first hand the impact of rubbish on the environment. Helen spoke to the students about our energy use and plastic consumption as they sat in their litter strewn Year group, making the Antarctica message feel even more relevant. Year 3 were equally enthralled as Helen spoke to them as part of their Climate Change topic, and was suitably impressed by the students knowledge of 2041 and the effect global warming is having on the Antarctic. Both groups of students are keen for Helen to revisit them after the expedition for more first-hand insight.

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Rebecca has been focusing her efforts on rallying the support of her peers in Secondary. She is working her way through every tutor group, which translates to a whopping 56 classrooms! Go Rebecca! Not only is Rebecca presenting her 2041 message but also letting students know how they can get involved; be it a follow on Instagram, a share on Facebook or a donation on Asiola. The important thing for both Helen and Rebecca is that every member of our community feel engaged in Bangkok Patana 2041, and slowly but surely they are reaching everyone.

If you would like Helen and Rebecca to visit your classroom or would like to get in touch about arranging a visit when they return from Antarctica, please email 2041@patana.ac.th

There are a number of ways you can support Bangkok Patana 2041:
To donate via Generosity click here
To donate via Asiola click here
For more information click here

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