Packing for Antarctica…Swimsuit Optional


As well as the excitement and buzz that comes with a once-in-a-lifetime trip like visiting Antarctica for Bangkok Patana 2041, there is also the (could potentially be life-or-death…) practical side like what on earth do you pack?

Living in a year round tropical climate means the extent of our Bangkok winter wardrobes probably wouldn’t stretch to a weeks skiing in the Alps never mind a polar expedition to Antarctica! Thankfully there’s lots of guidance and advice available from the experts including top tips like ‘You can never have too may pairs of socks’ (in Bangkok you most certainly can), although the inclusion  on the ‘suggested items’ of a swimsuit has us slightly nervous…


Waterproof over-trousers are essential when you travel by Zodiac or participate in onshore activities. You will wear them over a pair of warm trousers, to create an ideal combination of warmth and dryness.

To keep your hands warm and dry, pack a minimum of two pairs of layered gloves. When taking photographs, you will want a pair of thin polypropylene gloves, which will otherwise be worn underneath a pair of bulky, warm outer gloves. We strongly recommend that you bring at least one extra set of gloves, in case one pair gets wet or lost.

Hat and Scarf
Pack a warm, woollen hat or cap that covers your ears, as well as a scarf, neck gaiter or similar face protection. You will find that a peaked or brimmed hat will help protect against the sun, just be sure it has a strap to hold tight during windy conditions.

For maximum warmth, we suggest that you bring a number of pairs of socks to wear inside your rubber boots. Pack warm, long wool socks that can be worn over a thin pair of silk or polypropylene socks.
Quark Expeditions staff members always say: You can never have too many socks!

Outer Clothing
We suggest that you pack woollen, or fleece sweaters and tops; plus several turtlenecks for layering.

Base Layers
Silk, wool or polypropylene underwear are all great as they are non-bulky and will keep you nice and warm. Extra lightweight versions are available if you want to sacrifice a tiny bit of warmth for more packing space.

To keep your hands free when boarding Zodiacs, bring a water resistant or waterproof knapsack or backpack to keep your camera gear, extra socks and other essentials dry when you head out on shore landings.

All making perfect sense and then there is…..


An optional item, however if you want to participate in the exciting ‘polar plunge*’, you will want to pack a swim suit!!

*we highly recommend Googling ‘polar plunge Antarctica’…then heading to the link below and supporting this project, even if it is purely so we jump in the freezing ocean!

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