The Inspiring Sir Robert Swan


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sir Robert Swan is not only a truly inspirational man but also a captivating presenter. The theatre was packed twice over as the first man to walk unassisted to the North and South Poles told his story to both students and parents and then academic staff.

Beneath the humour and tales of survival was a very real message that we as a community must continue to consider as the memories of Robert’s visit fade; “If we don’t act now to protect Antarctica and raise awareness of the last wilderness on earth, we will swim,” Robert reminded us.

We are proud to partner with Robert on his mission to protect Antarctica and allow it to remain a land strictly for science and peace once the treaty ends in 2041. A student and a teacher representative from Bangkok Patana School will join the next expedition to the South Pole in March 2017 and will bring their experiences and knowledge back to our community, student Rebecca Leiler hopes to be “…the pebble that starts the ripple”.

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This article, written by Rebecca Meadows, first appeared in a Patana Life item here.

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